Bonus Post: Tilt Tuesday, June 4 2019

Bonus Post: Tilt Tuesday, June 4 2019

As I was explaining on my previous post ...

I was setting up SSL/TLS for HTTPS on my new blog,

Before going driving home I decided to publish to my CDN, Netlify, because why not. I wanted to see my first blog post.

Since I have a temporary, fake HTTPS certificate running on the backend service, I got this beauty on Netlify:

Well, let's check the Netlify deployment logs!!


Cool. Could it be related to the fact that we have a fake cert in place?

Google, feed me:

Unable to verify the first certificate error when attempting to connect to Docker CE for Windows (Edge) Kubernetes.

Seems like an error similar enough, even if it's not the same.
This shows up:

$ export NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED=0 has solved the issue


That seems worth a try? Netlify does have environment variables for deployments. Let's try putting NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED=0 in there:

Redeploy, then check the logs ...

Deploy log looks OK, no errors, says site is live ...
Deployment successful !!

And we're live ! It worked !

Good night!